Our full-time Engineering personnel has over 3 decades of direct power-related experience covering a large range of manufacturers. We can rapidly replicate your part(s) to the same precise dimensions as the OEM using qualified trained professionals.


Rotor Analysis • Failure Analysis • Structural Analysis • Stress Analysis • Hardness Analysis/Micro Hardness Analysis • CAD/CAM systems using SolidWorks AutoCAD, and MasterCam • Meticulous Part and Assembly Drawing • In-plant Material with State-of-the-Art Equipment • Reverse Engineering Analysis Equipment

State-of-the-Art Reverse Engineering using precision measuring devices, including:

Coordinate Measuring Machines
Optical Comparator
Portable FARO Arm
Niton Material Analyzer
NEW! Precision Measuring Devices:
Micro Hardness Tester
Mountain Press
ATOS Triple Scan
Our Engineering Department’s strengths rely in:​
Product Application knowledge
Understanding of metallurgical properties
Material certified through traceable documentation

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering applies newest technology, like 3D scanners to capture a sample part. If the sample is used we will re-engineer it to the original design intended. Our engineering team subsequently establishes new production drawings for our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Our highly skilled Reverse Engineering and Quality Control teams work together to ensure our customers are receiving the correct parts they need, that are best suited for the application. 

JMMHI offers:
State of the Art Equipment
International Coverage
Upgrades & Rerates
On & Offsite Measurement
Engineering Analysis
In Depth Experience
NEW! ATOS Triple Scan
PPS added structured light technology, 3D scanning, which enables precise measurements to accommodate all of our customers. measuring cameras for precise measurements with up to 8 megapixel resolution.

Our Equipment Includes:
Faro Arm Measurement of concentric parallelism, angularity, plane location (axial measurements), etc.
CMM (Scan complex geometry for an accurate profile)
Niton Analyzer (Composition)
Hardness Tester (Check hardness, HRC Scale, HRB scale)
Various Hand Tools: Traditional Caliper, Micrometer, Bore Gage, etc.

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