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Shipping Industry Sector, Oil & Gas, Exploration, Shipbuilding, Green Energy, Logistics, Civil Construction, Sea Ports Terminal Construction. Health Care Facilities, and Regional Project Development.

Shipbuilding Construction:

The shipbuilding industry is marked by its world international presence, with ships being built in industrialized regions such as Japan, Europe, South Korea and China. The geographical distribution of new ship construction has shown strong game changer starting from the original dominance of Europe to an increased role for Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and China. At the demand side, purchases are still dominated by western companies' buyers in many segments.

Machinery Supply Chain:  

Maritime industries face many challenges, such as persistent supply and demand imbalances, environmental imperatives, production issues, and availability of ships' spare parts urgency requirements. JM McGregor Haggens, Inc. It will establish its locally made machinery production and import & export supply chain warehouse partners world-wide. To support the maritime industry vessels' foreign and domestic flag.


Ports worldwide coverage, from Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, USA to Europe. 

JM McGregor Haggens, Inc, Ship Repair, Engine and Deck Maintenance, worldwide. 

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