Our company history

The Company‚Äôs humble beginning started on September 04, 2001, in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur. Philippines is a small metal fabrication of construction housing and installation called McGrego Metal Craft (MMC).  

After three (17) seventeen years of blood, toil, tears, and sweat, 2018 it developed into a mega international construction company. Founded by Chairman Jonathan Salubre, Sanchez organized and incorporated officers to expand his business into the new corporate construction company named JM MCGREGOR HAGGENS, INC. 

Officially registered on September 25, 2018, stands proud and ready to meet challenges in the future under the ability of the leadership of its workforce of highly dedicated men and women and its complement of the latest technology in the maritime, oil & Gas, Plants, building works, and construction industries.

Now, in its twenty-three (23) years of existence and service in the industry, JM Mcgregor Haggens has also expanded and engaged in the regional mega maritime city project, civil construction, health care, Shipping, oil and gas business, transportation, energy, and direct foreign financial investment, communication facilities, to respond to the need of the clients being served by the Company within the area of National Capital Region and other parts of the country as well International.


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