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Services to the mining industry
We offer a range of services to the mining Industry

•Weld repair to any cast-iron, cast steel or aluminum machine part
•Hard face layering on all machine wear parts
•Repair of buckets and excavator parts
•Weld repair to any Hydraulic cylinders
•Welding of drill shafts
•Weld repair to all types of pump housings and impellers
•Weld repair to electrical motors and gearboxes
•Weld repair radiators & intercoolers
•We are able to help you with most weld repairs you may require when it comes to the mining sector..
•We do most types of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) tests on our welds and we are also able to supply our customers with inspection reports.
•We can supply our customers with Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) reports as well as Welding Procedure
•Qualification Reports (WPQR) for their records.

Other Mining technical personnel:

•Hydraulic Industry
•Gear Cutting Industry
•Tool and Die Industry
•General Engineering Industry
•Foundries and Pattern Shops
•Food and Beverage Industry
•Aircraft Industry
•Fuel and Gas Industry
•Aluminum Manufacturing and Design
•Auto Motive Industry


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