Ongoing projects for documentation permits other compliance.

  • Gastron Pullmann Petroleum, Inc., ( GOrP-A58) Refinery 
  • St. Mary Washington General Hospital, Inc. 
  • Construction of Oil Tanker and RoRo Passenger Vessel. 
  • Austronesian Pacific Airlines Terminal, Inc. 
  • Airport Construction 
  • Gastron Oil Farm Depot
  • Cold storage facility  
  • Financial district 
  • Convention Center 
  • Housing 
  • Sea-port

  • Waste Treatment Plant Bislig City
  • Terminal Port Facilities Port of Bislig Project
  • Oil Rig Fabrication Project 
  • Transmission Pipeline System Project 
  • Development housing Project
  • Underwater training facilities Project
  • Training Ship Project 
  • Reclamation Deep Cement Project 
  • Solar Power Project
  • Windmill Project 
  • Mega Shipyard Bislig Surigao de Sur         

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